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Dress AL-5901
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Romantic Jacket ALT-3 Titanic Dress AL-40005
Titanic Dress AL-40005 Romantic Dress 40003 Victorian Prom
Dress 40019
Romantic Dress 7803 Romantic Dress 7803 Romantic Dress 8902

Incredibly beautiful and lavishly embroidered 100% silk piano shawls.[Mantons]
Made from the finest Chinese silk, each shawl is Hand embroidered with an intricate reverse two sided embroidery.
Each shawl measures a 55inch square of silk with 28 inches of hand tied and knotted fringe for a total 114 inches.

Lavish Black with Red Roses bouqets - 250.00


Blue with Red Roses exotic birds - 250.00


Green with Pink& Gold Roses - 250.00


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