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Slinky tank and Slip dresses

Tea Dress AL-2101
Romantic Dress
Feminine Titanic
Dress AL-5901
Romantic Dress 40009 Informal Wedding
Dress 40004
Romantic Dress 40006
Romantic Dress AL-40007 Romantic Fantasy
Dress 40009
Titanic Dress AL-40007
Romantic Dress 40001 Romantic Titanic
Dress AL-5901
Feminine Dress
Victorian Style Prom
Dress AL-40014
Romantic Jacket ALT-3 Titanic Dress AL-40005
Titanic Dress AL-40005 Romantic Dress 40003 Victorian Prom
Dress 40019
Romantic Dress 7803 Romantic Dress 7803 Romantic Dress 8902

Light and comfortable slinky tank dresses. These great dresses go great under anything . 90% acetate10% spandex they hang beautifully and fit without clinging, not too light, not to heavy.

Dark Brown, Light Brown ,Fuschia, Gold, Red, Black, Blue, White, Burgundy, Eggplant, Purple, Champagne, Olive

velvetcoatsandslinkys slinkycolors bluerosescape2

wear slinkys under velvet coats , kimono dusters
shawls or capes

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